Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of usage and membership of FacultyBike Student Association.

In the following the word “Student” should be understood as the “member” or the “user” as these 3 words represent the same functionality using the web-site and membership.

The use of this web-site and membership of FacultyBike Student Association is according to the member’s/user’s/student’s accept of the following terms and conditions.

The purpose of this web-site is to connect students, members (users) on their local campus, with the purpose of students benefitting from using a student bike. Student bikes or other items are often used and in the condition of “as is”. The user is a member and the member accepts the use of the webvsite on own risk and be signing up for memberhip the user accepts to refrain from making any complaint and/or raise any issue towards FacultyBike Student Association.

The user also accepts that any information provided on the web-site is the for any use of FacultyBike Student Association and any replication of information or forwarding of such information and data the user may have obtained from FacultyBike’s web-site is prohibited.

By accepting the Terms and Conditions the user will fully comply to the terms and conditions of usage and the user understand and accept that any breach of these terms and condition may be used and a ban can be the consequence of any such breach. Upon a ban from the site, the user will not be refunded any paid membership.

Membership of the web-site and any fee paid is limited to solely use the web-site in a ethical manner. Any potential or expected benefit for a user or the outcome of the use of the website-membership is solely on the responsibility of the individual user. FacultyBike can never be liable towards the user/member.

The association is solely providing a possible and potential contact between any user getting in contact with any other user on the web-site. FacultyBike is not liable for any contact will take place. The contacting of the user to other users is solely the responsibility og the user.

FacultyBike Student Association is not a part of any deal or any agreement made between any such parties. All users of this site acknowledge and accept, that FacultyBike cannot be resposible for any issue, dispute, agreement, misunderstanding or any other issue from using this site and the membership payment is done solely on the risk of the user. All users also accepts that FacultyBike does not provide any guarantee and cannot be reliable for any issue or dispute.

All users of this site acknowledge and accept that FacultyBike is only providing a potential contact between any parties using the site, regardsless of the other parties and there is no recommendation by acultyBike and the use of FacultyBike and it’s web-pages is according to all users own initiative and depending there are other users to contact. Users of this site accepts that all responsibility of using this site belongs solely to the user and that FacultyBike cannot ever be responsible for any complaint, material or immaterial or any personal damage to any part using a bike or any other issue arising from using this web-site.

Any subscription/membership fee paid is non-refundable.

Any data or any information provided by the user to the web-site is granted by full accept from the user to FacultyBike Student Association. The user agrees and grants full accept to FacultyBike to store any data the user may provide and the user accepts any such data and information can be used unlimited by FacultyBike in any necessary way FacultyBike may find useful and according to the priviledge solely decided by FacultyBike.

FacultyBike cannot guarantee any bike will be sold to any buyer or that any bike will be for sale by any seller.  Regardless if a membership never results in any usage/selling/buying or any user-expected benefit, the membership fee paid is nonrefundable.

FacultyBike reserves the right to change and alter these terms and conditions and fees or any other fee including potential new fees. Due to the high volume of potential students and members around the world, changes may be without prior notification and be valid at the time of implementation which will reflect on this page.

By using this web-side the user firmly consent to any irrevocable disclaim from pursuing or forwarding any negative issue, doubt, discussion, complaint, claim, deposition or any legal action, private or public.

The user accepts that all information on this web-site is copyright and belongs to FacultyBike.

Any user of the site accept that a ban can be implemented without prior notice and being initiated by the system or an administrator in any case of among others, but not limited to, a user not respecting rules of the web-site, including use of proper language, any abuse, copying, cheating or any reason that solely is concluded by FacultyBike.

FacultyBike respect the laws of privacy and legal requirements and common student faculty behavior incl. GDPR and the user accepts that FacultyBike can use any data provided by the user. By accepting these terms and conditions the user gives us consent to manage any user provided information for any own and 3rd party usage and activity in the  future. The user can on own initiative at any time delete the membership and data in connection to the user. The user accepts that it is the users own respondibility to delete or correct any of the user’s information. The user specifically accepts that FacultyBike cannot be reliable or responsible in any such action. The same applies for any possible lost user data, which is not of the responsibility of FacultyBike.

In case a user makes a request for any data, we reserve the right to ask you for proof of your identity and to charge a fee of twenty US dollars to meet our costs in granting any data access request the user makes.

By accepting these terms and condition the user gives consent to the use of cookies, tacking purposes to analyze web-site performance, for marketing purposes, ads and to share it with partners for marketing purposes.

Responsible use of your data provides FacultyBike uses different tools to configure content, functions, ads and ability to analyze traffic etc. and our partners may also use the data. By accepting the terms you allow FacultyBike and our partners use your data.

The intention is that the web-site system works 100% all the time, however the user accepts and conscent to FacultyBike cannot guarantee that the system always is in operation or that any mistake by the system or any human can take place.

By applying for membership to the web-page the user/member/student accepts and will fully comply to these terms & conditions.


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