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– student bike and books

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  •   9,204 universities and colleges   WORLD-WIDE

  •   229 countries/states

  •   50 mill. Students

with FREE student bike advertisement

FACULTYbike is the world’s biggest student bike platform. No matter where you are, always check FACULTYbike when you

“BUY” or “SELL”

on YOUR LOCAL campus

Just type your University and indicate if you “Buy” or “Sell” and fill out contact-details

Put in your wish. You see local offers available at YOUR campus. Its easy as that

Free service. NO cure – NO pay and NO CASH needed when you buy a bike.

You only pay for the bike when you buy the bike. You pay with your card.

To facilitate this platform when a bike is sold, the seller gets 90% of the sales price and the association FACULTYbike keeps 10% of the price. This is automatically withdrawn when the seller gets his salesprice. Its FREE for the buyer.

  • No cash needed

  • No currency problem

  • No exchange cost

Its easy

When you are selling your bike, the money from the sale is put into your payment card and if you are buying, you pay with your payment card

FACULTYbike is the WORLDs biggest trading platform available to students buying or selling used bikes locally on all University campuses arround the world – to facilitate student needs

Hint to buyers:

As with other things, it is good to be in advance. When a semester ends everybody is “Selling” and at semester-start everyone is “Buying”

Before your start your studies, its therefore a good  idea to buy your bike at the end of the previous semester

You are trading with local students. Prices for used bikes are normally in the range of the equivalent of USD 150 – 250.

Used student bikes are “trendy” and not necessarilly flashy. A student bike is a “convenience”, not a “shiny jewel”

Enjoy Your preowned


Disclaimer:  This trading platform is solely a Facility to provide contact between students Buying and Selling their used student bikes. FACULTYbike cannot in anaway be liable in any matter or dispute. All sales are final

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Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do I have to provide my card number when I am selling ?

Answer: YES, we will put the money into your card


Question: Is there any guarantee on the bikes ?


Answer: All bikes are preowned by other students, so they are “as is”


Question: Why can I not find my campus in here ?


Answer: We are busy automating all campusses into the web-site, so some campuses will be there soon


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